The Spearman Lynx Mascot name was chosen 100 Years ago!

by Gary Ellsworth, Reporter Statesman Contributor

Spearman Reporter – November 23, 1923

Did you ever stop to think that it is just as essential for our school to have a name as for us to have one? Well it is, and we have it – THE LYNX.
As you know, every live wide-awake University, College, and High School has a name, usually taken from the animal kingdom by which it is known all over the State. Texas University sends out its Longhorns, Baylor University the Bears, and so on down the list of schools.
Then, why not a name for Spearman High School? This is a question which will never be asked again because we have chosen a name by which we shall be known through all the years to come.
The Lynx are fierce animals slightly larger than the Wildcats, but one of the same family as they and the tigers. They are especially known for their keen-sightedness and their ferociousness. They never wait patiently to be attacked, but rush violently at anything which they want, regardless of its size or nature, and they always get it.
These are the characteristics of the entire student body of Spearman High School. We are LYNX-eyed determined fighters, and we mean to get what we go after.
Come out everybody! Help the Lynx put Spearman first on the map!