Stand For Yancy Watts - Klein Investigations Public Statement (Feb 20, 2023)

by Press Release

This past week we have informed the family and today we want to speak to the public regarding a truck that was found to have been stolen in Spearman, Texas, and ended up in (near) a field just over the Oklahoma border in the state of Kansas.

We have examined the truck, and we have examined the location of the truck (where it was found) and we see no correlation to Yancy and/or to his disappearance. As we do in this case (s), we put a percentage into the possibility that Yancy was in Kansas in the auto - and we are under the opinion that Yancy was not in Kansas, did not steal the truck, and we see no association to his disappearance (being 90%).

Therefore, we have moved the focus of the case back to Texas.

Lastly, we would like everyone to know that Law Enforcement is working hard on the case and leads are being developed by LEO and PSB investigators. If you have a tip, you can call our hotline at 409-729-8798 x107 or your local crime stoppers or police department (s). Thank you so much for your overwhelming support to the family in this case.

Philip R. Klein, Lead Investigator

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