Spearman Parents are pushing a petition to bring baseball to Spearman ISD

by By Suzanne Bellsnyder

Spearman's parents are asking fellow citizens to sign a petition to bring baseball and softball to Spearman ISD.

In a message going around town via text and on Facebook, the organizers say, "We would like to inform the public that there is an effort to try to bring baseball and softball to Spearman ISD. We will try to complie as many signatures, financial support and materials to present to the Board as possible to who we are willing to work for it and make this dream a reality.

Organizers say this is a great time to present this cause to the Spearman ISD based on the incredible turnout for the Little League opening day event. Little League has a record 204 kids in the program this year.

The petition can be signed at the Texas Farm Bureau Offices located at 307 Davis, or you can sign the petition digitally at www.theikefund.com/petition

Organizers are asking businesses and individuals willing to donate their time or any materials to this project to reach out to one Quentin Shieldknight, Dana and Schane Schneider, Rhett Renner, or Cari Beauchamp.

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