Pantext: Newest Panhandle weather tracking system-StrikeNet

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AMARILLO, Texas– When it comes to weather in the Texas Panhandle, what’s happening at one location may be completely different than conditions only a few miles away. For the more than 4,500+ Pantex employees, weather onsite can be vastly different than what is occurring at their homes.

As the nation’s primary assembly, disassembly, and life-extension center for nuclear weapons, weather events at Pantex can impact both workers and production, so having access to real-time meteorological data across the entire region is paramount to everyone’s safety.

To address regional weather events, Pantex Meteorologist Steve Kersh is working with school districts and private landowners to refurbish and upgrade area-wide weather stations formerly maintained by a local TV station. These sites include new weather and lightning-detection software providing real-time data on wind speed, temperature, rainfall, and lightning from each location, which is now available to the public on the StrikeNet website at

Pantex also initiated development of the StrikeNet weather app, which is free and available to the public on Google Play and the App Store.

On both the StrikeNet website and app, all available weather data are listed in its drop-down menu. For example, when lightning maps are enabled, the strikes are represented by the lightning symbol, with the most current strikes in the red circle and the estimated distance from Pantex indicated on the symbol itself.

“Severe weather can have a direct impact on Pantex operations, both from a safety standpoint for our employees and for our mission. Enhancing capabilities that track weather events to specific locations using our newly developed sensors is a huge step forward for the site and our surrounding area,” said Pantex Site Manager Colby Yeary.

Initially,10 sites signed up to the StrikeNet network including schools, homes, ranches, and businesses, with an additional 11 sites quickly added. School officials indicate that the lightning detection data would be used to help with determining whether to seek shelter if and when thunderstorms approach during regular school hours and extracurricular events, while ranchers and farmers can access real-time weather conditions aiding in crop and livestock production.

Pantex views StrikeNet as an opportunity to offer accurate and localized weather information to Texas Panhandle residents, internet users, and weather station owners at no cost.


Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC operates the Pantex Plant, located in Amarillo, Texas, and the Y-12 National Security Complex, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, for the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration. Bechtel National, Inc. is the lead member of CNS; minority members include Leidos, Inc.; ATK Launch Systems, LLC; and SOC LLC. Pantex and Y-12 are key facilities in the U.S. Nuclear Security Enterprise, and CNS performs its work with a focus on performance excellence and the imperatives of safety, security, zero defects, and delivery as promised.

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